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Default Two hand cannons for sale

From my collection, two early iron cannons for sale.

The first one, Gothic, dated circa 1400, a date confirmed by the late expert Michael Trömner (Matchlock).
The octagonal barrel with a broad flat next to a narrower one alternatingly, a very early feature.
Length 23 cms. Diameter on the base 8,7 cms, on the top 7,4 cms.. Bore 33 mm. Weight 7.7 Kgs.
Price 570 Euros.

The second one (Austrian/German) dated 16th century, octogonal barrel with well visible X marks (and dots) and traces of early red finish paint. Touch hole with eye protection lip.
Length 22 cms. Diameter 7.5 cms. Bore 29 mm. Weight 6.7 Kgs.
Price 400 Euros.


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