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sirek 6th April 2019 03:19 PM

madura patrem
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From the box that I had bought ,
keris 1 (

keris 2: a keris madura patrem
Unfortunately with: a Ganja-missing but with a kul buntet and a square pesi
At first i thought the gandar had been repaired (through the black ring) but upon closer inspection it seems that it is a sort of kendit in the wood? It is no paint, on some points the wood structure runs slightly through the black.

David 6th April 2019 03:34 PM

Interesting patrem. I am especially intrigued by the pesi. Not only is it squared off, but the heavier bit right at base of the blade is something i have not seen before.
I am not yet completely convinced that the gonjo is missing. This might be gonjo iras.

sirek 6th April 2019 04:18 PM

I thought that the ganja had sat on the heavier bit right at base?

David 6th April 2019 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by sirek
I thought that the ganja had sat on the heavier bit right at base?

I suppose that is possible, but since i have never seen this feature used a a means to lock a gonjo in place i can't really confirm nor deny such a possibility. Perhaps someone else has seen something like this before. :shrug:

A. G. Maisey 6th April 2019 11:15 PM

David, the enlargement of the pesi at its base is in fact common and the gonjo does fit around it. A gonjo can be fixed in a few ways, you can file a key-way into the gonjo hole and drive in a key, or you can use a punch and expand the meeting faces of the gonjo and pesi, I will not go into the other ways. If you want to use either of these ways to fix a pesi, the enlarged base of the pesi and provision of a shoulder on the pesi assists fixing.

Sirek, the joint between the top part of the wrongko (atasan,gambar) and the bottom part (gandar) has been filled with a mixture of glue and sawdust, the wrongko was not originally intended for this blade and it was necessary to alter the angle of the gandar to atasan. Again, this is a pretty common fix, and a good fix, the cheaper fix is to fill the gap with button shellac.

sirek 7th April 2019 02:51 PM

thanks for the comment and the clarification,

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