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Ristio33 21st April 2021 08:56 PM

Various from India / Asia
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Anyone have any information regarding these found objects? I think they are original ..

Tim Simmons 22nd April 2021 04:58 PM

Need better and the total object in the pictures.

Kmaddock 22nd April 2021 07:08 PM

Is this a guessing game? ;-)
Item one a katar with Mail piercing tip
Item 2 I don't know a handle on a wooden object as there seems to be a pin going across the inside and some wooden remnants
regards and welcome to the forum

kronckew 22nd April 2021 07:55 PM

Yup, looks like an armour piercing tip of an edge-on Katar, please show the whole thing. Could do 2with getting the active rust off.

The other thing looks like it might be the butt shoe of a wooden spear haft, or maybe an axe haft.

Ristio33 23rd April 2021 07:06 PM

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Here are the other photos! I am happy to be here with you.


Battara 24th April 2021 09:25 PM

Obviously these are highly rusted, but the left one is a type of spear, and the bottom is a type of khanjar hilt, which may have had some kind of koftgari decoration on it.

Jim McDougall 24th April 2021 11:05 PM

Im glad you're here too !!!
Thank you for sharing these items.
As I am a historian, not much a collector, items like this which are virtually untouched and in pretty rough condition are like gold! These are the ones with amazing tales to tell, and a challenge to find out where they are from, who used them etc.
As Jose has suggested the one with parrot head is a khanjhar style hilt which might have been on a dagger or short sword. The Mughals were very fond of these type pommels. It is a curious arrangement and would like more views.
It is better to post these groups of items singly so we can address them individually and varied views of entire object help as well.

The transverse grip dagger is obviously a katar, which was used in this form from Deccan into Northwest regions. Next to this item is clearly a polearm blade which may be Sinhalese (Ceylon).

The blade with the curious arrow type point is as has been noted probably a katar (it seems Ive seen this form in Pant).

Ristio33 28th April 2021 09:36 PM

Ok Jim and Battara. Thanks for the advice, I will shortly publish each item individually, opening new discussions.
I'm trying to figure out how to remove some rust from the katar .. Do you have any advice to do it without causing damage?

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