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David 31st March 2020 04:15 PM

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Here and there....

David 31st March 2020 04:20 PM

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Sulawesi, Jawa, Bali and more...

fernando 31st March 2020 06:54 PM

No photos available but, instead...
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Pity there were no photographers in the 16th century, David; but there were painters and chroniclers to leave us images ... and history ;) .

By the way ...

It is admittable that, the Javanese features & attire as in the watercolor executed by a naive artist of the period, do not correspond as whole to reality but, the use and purpose of the keris is as precise as described by Tomé Pires (1465-1540) and Fernão Lopes de Castanheda (1500-1559)


Yvain 24th April 2020 04:58 PM

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I was searching cameroonese pictures for something completely different, but I thought those might still be interesting.

-"Kirdi musician", dagger, Far North Cameroon - Mayo-Sava - Mora, 1931 - 1933 (

-"Funerals of Muktele man", dagger, Far North Cameroon - Mandara, 1968 (

-"Ironmonger stall", newly made daggers, Far North Cameroon - Mayo Sava - Mayo Plata, november 1982 (

Mercenary 24th May 2020 06:39 PM

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Odisha. 1920s. Head teacher :)

kronckew 24th May 2020 06:50 PM

Must be a rough school if he carries a talwar...

cyten 29th May 2020 05:27 PM

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Ossetian man equipped with Miquelet rifle, Shashka, LARGEST Kindjal I've ever seen, and holstered pistol

cyten 29th May 2020 05:36 PM

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Caucasian Crimean War Veterans with the usual Kindjal & Miquelet as well as M1843 Luttich Carbine and what looks like some kind of Artillery Foot Sword

kronckew 29th May 2020 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by cyten
Ossetian man equipped with Miquelet rifle, Shashka, LARGEST Kindjal I've ever seen, and holstered pistol

Always thought they were the descendants of the Gladius, that one is more like a spatha :D

cyten 9th June 2020 08:48 PM

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Bulgarian man with shishane and yataghan

Tim Simmons 10th June 2020 02:51 PM

French Guiana 1892
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Wayana. Kalina.

cyten 7th March 2021 07:17 PM

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Greek with Shishane & Yataghan
Armenian with Coral studded Pala

dat_man 20th June 2021 06:46 PM

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Here are some photos from the caucasus

1- ossetians
2- circassian with pretty large kindjal and a shashka
3- men from daghistan
4- daghistani man with wife and son, he got a nice kindjal too
5- chechens

Ren Ren 11th August 2021 02:18 PM

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Central Vietnam, presumably Darlak plateau

cyten 27th September 2021 03:02 PM

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Khevsur with miquelet, saber and chainmail

kronckew 27th September 2021 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by cyten (Post 266471)
Khevsur with miquelet, saber and chainmail

...and a nice small buckler!

Excellent photo!

dat_man 27th September 2021 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by cyten (Post 266471)
Khevsur with miquelet, saber and chainmail

There are many problems with this photo:

1- the so called "four mirrors" armour over the mail which wasn't used by khevsur as far as we are aware

2- the saber Eastern georgian not khevsur

3-the the man is georgian but not not khevsur, he is a collector from from the soviet era here is an article about him:

Never the less it is a nice photo and shows some nice original weapons, but not a proper representation of khevsurs

ariel 28th September 2021 02:49 AM

There is one staged photo after another, in the one above there are multiple ethnic inconsistencies, the two pics of Ossetian men on this page seem to be wearing the same kindjal.
And there is even one picture from Odisha ( Orissa), but.... no khanjarli.

Studio photographs were heavily staged, and their validity as reflecting reality is severely compromised.

Ian 29th September 2021 01:39 AM


Thanks for your information about that "fake" photo.


These photos are what they are. I think we are all aware of some of the limitations of studio portraits. It's good to be reminded from time to time. Let's move on ...

cyten 1st October 2021 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by dat_man (Post 266481)
the man is georgian but not not khevsur, he is a collector from from the soviet era here is an article about him:

very interesting, thanks for the article

Ren Ren 20th October 2021 06:23 PM

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Probably Annam.
It's a shame that the background is retouched.

kronckew 20th October 2021 07:47 PM

Does look photoshopped. The guy on the right doesn't seem too happy about it either. Interesting swords, rather large...

Cool photo tho. 👍

Ren Ren 20th October 2021 08:29 PM

In Vietnamese they are called trường gươm 長劔, which means "long sword" or "long saber". By the time photography appeared, it was already an exclusively ceremonial weapon. In temples and shrines, it was often kept in the form of wooden models covered with multi-colored varnish.
Oval wicker shields are even more interesting and rare in my opinion.

dat_man 29th November 2021 02:44 PM

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Few photos where you can see omani zanzibari nimcha

TVV 1st December 2021 10:51 PM

Thank you for these images dat_man. The big photo on the bottom is especially intriguing. It depicts a man of high status with a nice shamshir seated on a fancy chair/throne. The people on his sides have nimcha hilted swords, and the two closest ones appear to have the ivory and gold hilt variety. It is similar to a photo in Hales showing a Comoros vizier with a shamshir and his bodyguards with nimchas. Pradines has a theory that the shamshir in East Africa was a status symbol, reserved only for very high ranking people.

The second row of standing men gets more eclectic when it comes to sidearms with a long saif, a crude shamshir hilted sword and a Western style sabre.

SanibelSwassa 3rd December 2021 08:53 AM

Moro photo’s that I didn’t see posted
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Just few additional examples from the archives of Moro peoples with their traditional weapons. Enjoy!

Martin Lubojacky 9th March 2022 10:46 PM

Habr Awwal warriors – one of the tribes of the Issaq clan, Somalis
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Photo by Alexandre Marchand (from the book "African Train"),
around Dire Dawa (Ethiopia) 1911 – 1913

kino 6th May 2022 12:55 PM

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Kampilan bearer of Dato Mastura, Cotabato. Peabody Museum.

ausjulius 11th May 2022 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by DaveA (Post 136934)
Dha Myaung sword, Burma

not burma.. its taiwanese aborigines..

Norman McCormick 13th May 2022 06:47 PM

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Mongolian Archers first half 20thC.

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