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Richard G 21st May 2021 04:25 PM

What are they?
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These were recently sold in the UK for a good price. Described as the steel being 14.5cms long, so quite small.
Anyone know what they are?

kahnjar1 25th May 2021 06:12 AM

A guess completely......a tool to remove stones etc from horses hooves???

Will M 25th May 2021 05:23 PM

Another guess would be a leather working tool for saddles?

francantolin 26th May 2021 09:18 PM

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14,5cm overall or just the tip ?

look like a twisted ( Why ???)
Yanone japanese arrow head ( if small )
or a yari spear head ( medium size ...)

Just a guess...

francantolin 29th May 2021 06:28 AM

Richard ???

have you other pictures ?

colin henshaw 29th May 2021 06:46 AM

African strigils (sweat scrapers).

Richard G 31st May 2021 01:39 PM

Thank you Colin, also Khanjar, Francantolin and Will,
I have no other photo's, these were taken from an auctionner's web site.
It is surprising how much value knowing what something is, adds to the object. I would have guessed African, and being small, some sort of cosmetic accessory is always a possibility. I bid on them but did not go too far in case they turned out to be spatulas for turning sausages on barbecues, very common in Brasil, or something equally risible.
Thank you again.
Best wishes

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