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Hombre 3rd March 2021 09:13 AM

Kurdish Dagger
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Got this one in a parcel today. It is not the most fancy Kurdish dagger I have seen :) but I like it and it cost only pocket money. Feel free to have opinions about it, good or bad.


Gonzoadler 3rd March 2021 09:25 AM

Hello Stefan,
what do you mean with good or bad?
I have a very similar one and my guess is, that kurdish Khanjars in that style are not that old, but vintage. Maybe second third of the 20th century and original pieces from kurdish area. These daggers are not rich decorated but the quality is good.


kronckew 3rd March 2021 10:17 AM

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My Kurdish Jambiyah has a wood grip without the rosettes., but they all, as far as I've seen are the same size & shape, all pretty much exact twins. And...
as a hidden bonus, many if not most are WOOTZ, and thus NOT recent manufacture. Mine came sans scabbard.One of our other kind members had a spare, which he donated in the hopes it might work. It does. Fits it perfectly.

No fancy engraving, coins, wire work, gold, silver, jewels, silk, etc. They don't need any of that. They are all deadly beauties, and the wootz ones are classy enough for anyone. They stand out from the crowd on their own and are almost instantly recognisable from the other khanjar/jambiyah mob.

Norman McCormick 3rd March 2021 01:50 PM

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The blades on these seem to conform to a generic shape albeit they can differ quite substantially in size, same with the scabbards. The hilts can differ a little, one I have has a pale horn hilt. Age may be a bit problematic as the design appears to have altered little over time.

Gonzoadler 3rd March 2021 03:08 PM

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Here is my Kurdish Khanjar. Handle and the point of the scabbard are made of horn, I would say buffalo horn.

Hombre 3rd March 2021 04:47 PM

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[QUOTE=Gonzoadler]Hello Stefan,
what do you mean with good or bad?
Maybe I used the words wrong... My native language is Swedish...:)
I just wanted to have opinions and no one need to hesitate if there shouldn´t be positive thoughts too...

I must say that you have very nice daggers, guys! Thank you so very much for sharing. Normans dagger with light horn... I must admit that I have never seen one with a light horn handle. Interesting!

A picture of one of my first Kurdish daggers... I like it very much...


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