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BBking 3rd May 2022 06:04 PM

Indian alabaster statue. deity ?
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Good day everybody,
Maybe somebody can help on this alabaster statue.
It must be old and is really well done / carved.

Do you know who can be represented ?
A god / a deity ?
A brahmane ?

Glad if help come

Kind regards

colin henshaw 4th May 2022 01:17 PM

Looks a good old piece. I think this probably represents Surya, the Hindu sun god. I once had a bronze figure with a very similar pose, holding a sunflower in each hand. Its likely the two flowers were separately made in the case of your figure, and now missing.

I could be wrong, but that my guess.

francantolin 4th May 2022 05:11 PM

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really good idea about Surya sun god ( and the missing sun flowers/ lotus...?)

Here a picture of a similar work on alabaster with gilted parts and painted,
22 inches high, said to be 19th century and indian Jaipur style.

Sure not the same god/caracter,
this is Vishnu, with his four arms and conch, mace, chakra...

colin henshaw 4th May 2022 08:51 PM

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Here are a couple of Surya images in bronze, taken from the internet for comparison...

BBking 4th May 2022 09:49 PM

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Thank you both for your message !!

I didn't know Surya,
Nice positive energy if its a representation of the sun god !

I will pick up the statue soon,
It mesure 22-23 inches high and I think must be a little heavy...

I will post other close pictures of the hands and see if there is a hole for flowers ( I first thought about missing weapons :rolleyes: or candles )

Kind regards

BBking 11th May 2022 10:36 AM

I got it,
here some pictures.
Fin really well done the carving and the paintings details.
There is place for missing elements,
sunflowers as Colin wrote if it is Surya
( or lotus)
Interesting the details on the inside of the hands
( like henna tatouage...)

BBking 11th May 2022 10:40 AM

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Sun for the SunGod :):cool:

BBking 11th May 2022 10:41 AM

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francantolin 15th May 2022 07:06 AM

19th, maybe 18th century piece
now you just have to find the flowers,
or put fresh one and change them everyday...........:D

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