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Rafngard 23rd June 2021 07:14 PM

What do I have? Wootz Kard?
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Hello All

This isn't in my normal area of collecting, but it wasn't expensive, so this sharp point came to live with me today.
I'm not 100% positive, but I believe this is wootz. I believe I can see the "crack" in the spine of the blade as well.
I think maybe this was originally a Persian kard that was later remounted to it's present form. I also the blade may have originally had a collar at the base, which is why there's some discoloration there now.

What do people think? Am I totally off base?

Any thoughts/comments welcome.


TVV 24th June 2021 04:58 PM

It does look like wootz to me from the pictures - nice old blade.


Rafngard 29th June 2021 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by TVV (Post 263832)
It does look like wootz to me from the pictures - nice old blade.

Thank you sir!

Any comments on the mountings or sheath?

Have fun,

RobT 30th June 2021 01:27 AM

Acid Etched?
Hi Rafngard,

The eighth photo (the real close-up of the blade) appears to show texture. If that is correct, I would suspect that the blade has an acid etched pattern. I have an acid etched kard so I know that it was sometimes done.


Battara 30th June 2021 02:47 AM

Rob if it weren't for the close ups I'd agree with you. But the close ups show a definite wootz, and a nice one at that.

mariusgmioc 30th June 2021 06:09 AM

It appears to be an old wootz kard blade re-mounted.

I believe that neither the scales nor the scabbard are the original. Possibly also the tang is a replacement.

However, the knife is in very poor condition needs some care... badly.

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