This close-up of the blade, oriented with the point of the blade up for the main image, shows an orb and cross inlaid in latten (brass), offset to one side from the center. While the manner in which the orb and cross is executed is consistent with an early 15th Century date (as well as earlier or later), the orb and cross motif is more frequently associated with the later half of the 16th century, and particularly seen in two-handed swords of Germanic origin. Also offset a similar distance from the blade's median ridge is a stamped fleur-de-lys within a diamond. Another identical stamped mark is present on the opposite face of the blade, offset to the opposite side of the midline (still appearing to the left when the blade, pointed upward, is rotated. The fleur-de-lys is oriented with its top towards the hilt; the insert shows it rotated 180 degrees and magnified three times relative to the background image.

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