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Old 26th February 2024, 09:44 PM   #1
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Wink Zweihander or two handed sword-help needed

Helo, i aquired new sword for my collection, german origin zweihander, usual i know very well what i aquire but this was lightning from the sky, so if some one has greater knowlodge in identifying it it would be great.
It is 171cm lond, 3,6 kg heavy, and to me it feals and handles like original, great balance, distal taper, looks genuine to me.
Pattina is good, crossguard very nice.
It has a makers mark or town mark on blade and some on leather.
Any argumented coments are welkom.
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Old 28th February 2024, 07:47 AM   #2
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Renaissance double-handed swords are swords from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance with long hilts of approx. 40–50 cm and more, which were intended for two-handed use. Examples from the early 16th century usually weighed less than three kilograms. They were generally used until the end of the 16th century. It follows that such swords are now almost 410 years old. In my opinion, the leather on the sword in question is by no means 400 years old, so I assume that this sword is an example of historicism, made around 1850.
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Old 29th February 2024, 06:29 PM   #3
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I am afraid that I have to agree with Corrado, that this sword is most likely to have been produced in the Victorian enthusiasm for arms and armour to adorn the mansions and stately homes of the rich,old and new.
The style and size are good, though I don't like the pommel very much. This sword is made in the style of the late 16th century, circa 1580-1610, when it was designed to be carried on parade or other ceremonial, not for combat except in extreme circumstances, which is why so many 2-handers of this style survive, almost always in good condition. This brings me to my main problem with this sword - if it had been hanging on a castle wall,perhaps polished and dusted for 400 years, it should not be covered in rust hardened to the extent that it appears to be. The size and weight are correct for this period - battle 2-handers were a bit smaller and a lot lighter, c.2kg, but many parade ones weighed 3-4kg. So overall I think (but no guarantees) that this sword was made in the 2nd half of the 19th century and artificially aged.
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Old 1st March 2024, 10:33 PM   #4
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Well i realy dont know, so i decided to gove up on sword.
When im not 100% sure it is genuine, i dont take it.
About leather, i have some swords that are 400-500 years old and 100% genuine and the leather is preserved same as is on this one, so leather looks good, pomel looks good, even crossguard looks good, blade is nice, i tried to stabb with it it is excellent, two things are wrong two marking on the leather and the way tang is pined on the pomel, it is pined too good.
So yes i think it is 19 century, but very very good smith made it, it isnt cheap repro or wall hanger, if it is 19 century then it is excellent and very expensive repro.
If it is original, then i f. Up and let it go.
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Old 5th March 2024, 06:53 AM   #5
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It looks really good. Might actually be original. I would have bought it for the right price.
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Old 9th March 2024, 01:09 PM   #6
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What about its little “brother” lying next to it? It looks Venetian?
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