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Old 23rd April 2005, 01:27 PM   #1
Paul de Souza
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Default Clearing up the cupboard....:( but no choice. Keris and Edge weapons to go.

Hi All

My cupboard is a little too overflowing and I have passed 23 pieces of keris and other edged weapons to Adni to help me sell. Please get in contact with him if you are interested, he will send you the photos. Adni will be cleaning some of the blades to put "life" in them. He will also ship them.

They are not the best in the collection but they have their interesting qualities. I don't have pictures - didn't have time to take them but I have a physical description - short one on them. So here goes.

1. A keris Tajong (Kingfisher) - Pattani piece with quiet a fine hulu tajong. the blade is a Pandai Saras - the diamond edge style of northern Malaya

2. Philippines Sword - with a tajong like hilt but pug nosed. long slender blade of about 18 inches

3. Bali – Keris Pedang (Sword Keris) - nice long "mean business" blade the wangkra is nice palet but the batang is suspect. Blade shows it's age and needs a little cleaning.

4. Bali - Keris with plain hilt wound in hair. The sheat is new palet - but nice grain. blade - OK lah.

5. Suluwesi – Dress is not that great but it has a reflective pamor blade - that is the pamor rises when tilted at an angle to the light. I don't think it's that old a piece. This needs cleaning though.

6. Suluwesi – Lok 15 blade with an unusual horn hilt.

7. Suluwesi - Lok 5 Raja Abala Raja Pamor - nice wood this one and a fine clear pamor.

8. Suluwesi - In a brass sheath. Typical sampir. Blade is jet black and Bendo Sedago pamor.

9. Suluwesi – Old Javanese blade

10. Trengganu - Keris Naga - This is on my second website - Keris 12. I will remove it from the website once it is sold.

11. Madura – A tourist piece for Dutch visitors/ military as discussed in some of the threads. Wangkra is a crouching lion and the batang has a floral decoration. Newish Blade –Dwi Warna. Well carved wood work.

12. A keris Bahari with Trap Trappan pamor in a Sari bulan sampir and sheath of palm wood – 3 Kul Buntut pamor runs down the length of the blade. Blade is about 11 inches long. The peksi or tang has been broken in the middle and then welded back but otherwise intact.

13. A Sumatran keris with a replacement hilt - Palembang jawa Demam since it came with no hilt in the first place. Fittings not that great - horn sampir and silver on the batang. Interesting pamor – Untu Walang. Small blade - about 6 inches. Poor fit though.

14. Small bugis Chieftain like kris. Nice grain to wood but I think it's a Trengannu piece. Interesting erect Malay style Jawa demam hilt with a rose at the naval. Blade has five look, nice melati pamor which is also repeated in the ganja - has a rough meaness to it.

15. Malay – lok 5. Typical malay blade with a Bugis style hilt (rounded form - not the pointed kerdas hit) has a brass collar and a brass buntut. A utilitarian piece.

16. Palembang Keris – Nice Raja abala Raja pamor but the sheat is new and of low quality wood. The balde is worn at the tip

17. Javanese – New madura blade – Bonang Seranteng - a mix and match piece. One of my very early pieces when I didn't know what I know now. Though new madura blade - its at least 12 years old now..hahah.

18. Hill Tribe Dha - Silver with ivory handle

19. Bali Parang - With twirling pamor running through a central band down the blade - I don't know the name. The shealth is silver but there is some damage to the projection at the mouth of the sheath. The hilt is a later replacement and of green horn - not well carved. Pamor is faint but interesting.

20. Tumbuk Lada with Silver and horn. Nice floral carving to the sampir and hul

21. Tumbuk Lada with Silver and horn same as above but the blade has some etching where there was gold once.

22. Sewar with low grade silver bands. Nice blade and hilt with good grain but the sarong I think belongs to another piece but fits ok.

23. Tumbuk Lada – parrot’s head and bone buntut - a tourist piece I think.

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Old 23rd April 2005, 04:45 PM   #2
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Hi Paul. Check your private messaging. You've got mail!
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