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Default Si Euli for comment

This was recently purchased in Singapore from a knowledgeable collector. The scabbard is of the "keris type" versus the "sewar type" examples shown in Zonneveld (2001). The "keris type" are discussed in this thread link. The upper portion is a single carved piece of wood with a profile reminiscent of water buffalo horns and there are paired round protrusions at the neck. The narrow scabbard stem is of two pieces wound by copper wire bordered by woven rattan rings on the upper half and secured by silver bands on the lower half. There is a silver foot with the characteristic perpendicular extension seen on many si euli examples. The scabbard stem is longer than what is required by the blade length. The narrow blade appears to be mono steel with little distal taper and has an integral bolster wrapped in silver foil. This is fitted, using a resin plug, to a brass ferule that also functions as half the handle. There is remnant silver in the grooves of the brass ferule/handle. The wood portion of the handle has a shape reminiscent of tombok lada. Comments are very welcome.
OAL=17.5", Blade=13.5", In Scabbard=20.5"
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Edited the original post to add a better description of the features. What strikes me is the broad range of apparent influences.
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Hi Jeff,

My experience is rather meager regarding the si euli. However, your example ticks all the boxes that I know for identifying this knife. I'm thinking the lack of a response to your pictures may reflect the limited experience of others also. Detlef has called this a rare knife.


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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Detlef has called this a rare knife.
Yes, it's a rare knife and exactly this is the reason that there are a lot of recent knives on the market.
Jeff, I don't think that it's an antique example, I miss the patination on the wood. But it could be a rather recent dress knife, I am unsure about this.

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