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Default Luristan I

Long ago I lived in Westport CT, USA. This town had a very affluent population that were well travelled. The consignment shops often had very interesting things that sometimes were in the weapons arena.

I had bought a number of objects that were identified as "from Luristan". I will present some of them.

This piece is about 5.25" long and 2.25" at it's widest. Not ferrous, presumably bronze.

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We see these 'Luristan' bronzes in auctions here quite frequently. They are easy to mold and cast in bronze, and sell cheaply (sometimes not so cheap to those who are not aware), or "for those who travel" (Tourists).

In other words, the great majority are fakes, sold online for outrageous prices, or at auction for the gullible. They come in a variety of shapes and types, axes, spearheads, daggers, short swords, etc. Bulgaria is a good source nation. They are easy to 'antique' too.

p.s. - I REALLY dislike those axe/adze adze ones.

I have a nice decorative 'Luristan' bronze axe I won at auction for less than the postage. Ditto on a nice Egyptian bronze 'penetrative' axe. They are nice decorators.

They are so old that they have had the hafts replaced 127 times, and they heads around 33 times. (the last time rather recently )

There are expensive 'real' ones, usually grave goods, but they usually have papers, test results, certifications, etc. A museum may be able to test the bronze for chemical content to see if the alloy is ancient. But even that can be easily faked.
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