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Old 2nd August 2018, 12:40 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by David
Well, i think there might be a limited number participating members who forge such things, but i could be wrong.

Yes, you're probably right; and it probably would be abused by those seeking financial gain.
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Old 2nd August 2018, 02:35 AM   #32
A. G. Maisey
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Why should a discussion group that relates to current manufacture of ethnographic weaponry be restricted to forging?

When we forge, we only create a forging that the finished blade will emerge from, most of the time and effort goes into the bench work, not the work on an anvil.

Forging only relates to the blade, the creation of the complete object involves skills other than blade work.

Perhaps consideration could be given to a division (if indeed one is needed) of current era work and historical work.

Personally I see this as more relevant to the study of weaponry using the ethnographic approach than a division based upon countries or geographically limited groups.

Consider this:- I have made a number of culturally correct Javanese keris, only one of those keris was made in Solo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, of the others, I forged one in Kampung Komplang, Solo, but carved it in Australia, all the rest were completely made in Australia.

We now live in a global village, old boundaries may be relevant in the context of time, but those old boundaries are no longer so relevant in the context of right now, today.

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Old 2nd August 2018, 08:25 AM   #33
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Originally Posted by Rick
Yes, you're probably right; and it probably would be abused by those seeking financial gain.

AGM has a point.

Also, We make clear that advertising their wares is not allowed now, discussing items for sale or auction is prohibited. We can further restrict them from the established sales/trade section or give them their own subsection there and ignore them if such is your penchant...with a caveat that the forum is not responsible or involved in any sales in any way - caveat emptor. Lee cpuld even require a 'donation' for allowing them to post there to help fund the expensive to run forum.

It's also nice to have an area for post ww1 stuff so those who prefer older items can see what's being made now for comparison and authentication of the older stuff. It's hard enough to differentiate the real stuff now, searches online for examples of fakes or deceptive replicas are often non productive unless you stumble onto them, or remember a site from past searches or fingers getting burnt...i.e. I still come across 'British naval dirks' for auction at high prices that are being made in India for pennies with etched blades boasting 'real steel' on the ricasso and the infamous hex nut pommel securing the rats tail tang. epray used to have a warning page on these, but no longer. Auction houses are even less informed. That could be documented here.

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Old 3rd August 2018, 02:34 AM   #34
Vikingsword Staff
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Default Some personal observations about this topic


This has been a very interesting and wide ranging discussion that Thomas' weapon has generated. I fear, however, that this thread has strayed somewhat from the object of discussion, and into areas of speculation about the structure and aims of this forum.

The goals and objectives of the Ethnographic Forum have been presented on this site by Dr Lee Jones, and in my opinion Thomas' creation fits into the broad themes described for this forum--a view that I think has been expressed by Robert (the Lead Moderator of this forum).

The ideas expressed here about additional Forums are indeed interesting. It should be pointed out, however, that these pages are funded and maintained by Dr Jones, and are not without a considerable time commitment and cost for him. Some of what has been suggested would require additional resources. Furthermore, part of the success of this site has been, I believe, the conscious effort to not be "all things to all people." There are other sites that have attempted to do that, and some of those bit off more than they could chew and are essentially defunct.

There have been new pieces added over the years to this site. The Keris Warung Kopi (Keris Coffee Shop) was added in part to address the need for an English language site for serious discussion of the keris. The European Armory expanded on an early focus on Viking swords to include discussion of a much wider range of weapons and European cultures.

What this forum excels at, and I think its major strength, is its focus on key areas of edged weapons collecting and discussion. It has attracted experienced collectors, scholars, and ethnographic experts to its pages, people who would not necessarily participate in other online forums. Many, many more people visit the site than are registered members. Again, I think this reflects its appeal to serious collectors as well as those new to the field. If you are looking for bayonets, modern blade makers, contemporary or fantasy blades, then other sites probably address your areas of edged weapons collecting more completely.

These are my personal thoughts based on 20 years of participating in this site.

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