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I have no idea to which thread or post you refer but if you would like to quote the specific post I will answer your question and if required I will point to the reasons.

I cannot understand your second point for surely you know from handling scores of weapons exactly what the characteristic feeling is of a correct form for a certain mark. I have handled many Omani Battle Swords ... probably 50 by now including the museum exhibits in the UAE and Omani National Museums. I have personally been involved in putting together a collection of more than 20 such weapons for a private collector over the past 2 decades. One of my Omani Battle Swords is in the Tareq Rajeb Museum in Quwait. I still own a handful of them and am currently appraising one from Rostaq and another with a friend from a Pacific Island !

What part of familiarity and experience am I further supposed to exhibit? I have virtually rewritten this weapons history ... and placed its pedigree correctly as 751 ad but if there is something I have missed do feel free to comment with references and I will gladly look into it.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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