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Originally Posted by Al Shamal

Wow! I have a battle sword and i have the books by Richardson and Dorr....and I never saw the battle sword hiding in that image.....well spotted!!

Salaams Al Shamal ~ They now produce an Arabic Version !

On the subject of Old Omani Battle Swords ~ apparently the Muscat Museums have a few of them and theres one in the Al Ain Museum which has a little silver on it in particular a silver floral button in each quillon hole. ( the tag just says "Arabian Sword" ). Theres another in the Tareq Rajab Museum in Quwait placed by me in about ''95. The largest collections are held in the UAE in private hands and each numbers about 20 or 30. I try to get pictures... no avail so far. Out there in the market there are none that I know of. They are truly rare. The museum teams are searching to upgrade in all the major countries around here with new Museums going up in Al Ain, Saudia, Qatar and the Gugenheim and Louvre projects in the UAE etc.

Anyone able to drop in on the Tareq Rajab Museum in Quwait will be astonished at the brilliant collection ... Picture below shows another of their Omani Battle Swords silvered up Royal Icon style to the right of an Omani Dancing sword.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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