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I've said hello to a lot of pendoks, very large number of pendoks, so many I've forgotten their names.

A lot of these pendoks were like stubborn women, but I can truthfully say that I have never met one pendok that did not open up for me after the gentle application of a little heat.

An LPG blow torch is good, provided you can be delicate, an LPG camp stove is safer and probably more gentle, but whatever the adhesive is that is holding that pendok, it will let go if heated. It is a good idea to use industrial rubber gloves to grip the pendok as you gently, but forcefully persuade it to let go.

If the gandar breaks or lets go of the wrongko first, its no big deal, you just fix it, everything about a keris can be fixed.

In respect of polishing, the stuff that is used to polish mag wheels is good, use it along with fine steel wool, polish with a light coloured cloth, when there is no more black on the cloth it will be as good as you can get it.
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