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Originally Posted by Interested Party
Thanks for that gentleman! Life for me is getting very boring as the world goes into hiding and all the companies I work for shut down. It is not a good time to be in the tourism industry.

Kubur, as far as the turquoises go wasn't the Tiflis market dominated by Armenians at that period (pre1840)? Could that help explain the stones?

Marius, I don't read Danish but there do seem to be some inconsistences in the English version. I assumed they were translation errors or difficulties with expressions and terminology. Can you expound on "this kind of absolutely unfounded but published assertions that give rise to fallacies"? I'm not sure I know enough to doubt much less think critically...

I assumed that the koftgari on the Hermitage example was Turkish. For those who have the book is this a correct assumption? Sorry for my poor picture of a picture with already bad resolution.

Do not panic! There is always hope beyond boredom!

I'll do my best to keep you entertained!

First, I don't know about Tfilis being the centre of turqoise market. However, I know that almost all the turquoises in the Middle East and Europe were at that time sourced from the Khorassan province of Iran... but as they gained huge popularity in Turkey and they were brought to Europe from Turkey they were called TURQoise. So the turqoise were popular and traded by Turkey to such extent that their TURKish connection became part of their name.

"this kind of absolutely unfounded but published assertions that give rise to fallacies" -
- assuming that a dagger is made in Tfilis only because it has a scabbard made in Tfilis is an UNFOUNDED ASSERTION in the sense that is based on an incorrect assumption (that the dagger and the scabbard were made at the same time and in the same place).

Futhermore, such an unfounded assertion being published can become embraced by some as being the absolute truth and become a fallacy.
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