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congratulations Detlef
even if my knowledge is nil, concerning these weapons
I may appreciated the artistic beauty of the blade and scabbard

your refurbishment is really a must, and I like it,,
for me, handles, hilts, and blades, must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, as well as ... the scabbard
the edged weapon's vocation, is to be "lethal", also we must keep them in good order,
ready to use, and not as something, completely rusty and looks as a junk

the "patina" it's good, with bronze artifacts from archaeological material,
I mean being old for at least 10 centuries and more, green patina, even the brown, has a "charm", but
our weapons, aren't old as well, may be even, have been used by our great-grandfather
they should be proud, to see how we are taking care about them

thanks to have share with us


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