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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
A nice piece.

You know how much I dislike trying to classify blades from photos, but I think I'm prepared to offer an opinion on this one. Based upon the form of the metuk, form of rondha, and size, I believe this can be classified as Tuban. Tuban blades of all types were very substantial, and the metuk and rondha are much closer to Tuban form than any other.

I would hope that when this has been cleaned and stained we see Tuban material.

Detlef, believe me:- you do not want the blade to have a "nice pamor"; you want it to have a typical Tuban pamor which will be wos wutah or ngulit semongko, rather coarse, heavily veined, and smooth to the touch. If you're real lucky the pamor might be hair-like, and then we can attribute to Mpu Bekeljati.

Hello Alan,

the tombak is stained and it seems that you have been correct, the pamor is like you supposed and the touch is indeed very smooth. What do you think, is it possible that this tombak is from Mpu Bekeljati?


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