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First off, want to thank everyone for there input on this mysterious subject. Ever notice if you make all the right turns you travel in a circle back to where you started? (lol) Well, maybe not....

When I first looked at this dagger I just could not place it as being from Ceylon. But now am not so sure about that because of the following reasons.

Ceylonese daggers (piha kaetta) often have a "cant" handle.

Piha Khaetta sometimes have a button on top that attaches to tang running through handle.

In Ceylonese Arms and Armor is reference to Ceylon straight double edged dagger with short cross guard.

Although Sinhalese are mainly Buddhist, Hinduism has strong influence in parts of Ceylon as demonstrated by Colombo Temple.

Portugal and Netherlands colonized in 16th century, ceded to British Empire in 1815(can you say Waterloo?)

Ceylonese sword can have short straight quillons.

Color me confused but curious still....

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