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Originally Posted by Victrix
Congrats on the expanded collection! I particularly like the sturdy Swiss halberd. I have a similar one but with a longer spike and a hook. Donít despair of the item with the shortened haft as these can be used in displays where the piece of missing haft is concealed by a shield, piece of furniture, etc.

You may consider procuring a rack for your pole arms, the type which they used in castle armouries. These are cool and prevent you from running out of space.

I will likely have a custom rack made when I buy a house. For now, I live in a 30+ story highrise, and my rack will be more modern looking.

This is the shortened halberd. Youíre right... I can do lots of things to hide the bottom! Itís just annoying that itís more effort, but at least it didnít cost much.
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