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Beautiful blunderbuss.

I'm with the pirate captain on the use of the blunderbuss but unfortunately both D.R Baxter (Blunderbusses) and James Foreman (The Blunderbuss 1500 - 1900) disagree. The latter even citing NRA tests that indicate a spread of one yard at 50 feet and it being linked to the bore of the barrel not the shape of the opening. These guns were probably more likely used at closer range than that.
Both consider the bell mouth to be an aid to loading a large number of balls and large powder charge quickly from atop a coach, a boat or ship.

Shotguns chokes can restrict the pattern of a blast but not create directions not already existing.

Using junk except in dire emergency was not a good idea due to danger of diverse shapes jamming on firing. They also mention the risk of ramming junk iron down an iron or steel barrel and the danger of a spark igniting the main charge.
That may account for the number of one handed pirates!
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