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Originally Posted by M ELEY
Cerjak, what an amazing swivel you have! I have always wanted to add one of these to my maritime/naval collection. These 'rail guns' were used both to attack an opposing ship via a broadside blast, but also to repel boarders clambering over the side of one's ship. Some swivels were also used on primitive forts in the New World as protection. As they distributed a spraying blast, they were often loaded with partridge shot, broken glass, nails, etc, to inflict massive and horrific wounds! I must say I am envious of your new acquisition!

Cap'n Mark, colorfully rendered description of these guns in use (of course!). These were full stocked versions of the breech block loaded deck guns used on naval vessels and of course pirate vessels. These were often loaded with the kinds of scrap material (langrage) you note and were intended to literally clear the opponent decks and create carnage prior to attack. One form of such deck gun was called colloquially, 'the murderer' would seem quite accurately. Grim, but the way it really was.
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