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There is one other photograph, which shows a Captain Holmes of the Royal Engineers, proudly wearing a ring grip kukri on his hip. This photograph dates to 1945, and goes some way to prove that whilst these kukri were in existence by late WW2, it is likely that they were available only as private purchase. This image also helps go some way to explaining why so many which are passed off as WW2 bring backs acquire that label. After all, the kukri is an iconic knife, and it would seem most servicemen wanted one to bring home as a souvenir, or as a gift.

Such kukris were readily available, being produced in Derha Dun, India from mid to late 1944 onwards, and were inexpensive, especially once hostilities were concluded. Remember that there is no dispute that such kukri were available and carried unofficially by some during the War, but rather that they were issued to Gurkha forces by the Indian Government.
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