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Martin Lubojacky
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Hi Iain,

Please could you post those old photos showing Bauchi shields ?

As far as the leather this two Nigerian shields are made of - I am not expert, unfortunately I do not know how to detect the "animal of origin", I think I do not have enoughh experience in this field. Both kinds of leather are thick (the thickness is, I would say, the same), but the leather of the small shield is not half as dense (or close grained) as the leather of the big one (if the big shield is made of such leather, it would be much lighter). Both shields are very hard and stiff. My unproffesional estimate would be: smaller shield - hyppo, big one - elephant (?). In any case I would exclude cattle or antelope.

If somebody of forumites has old pictures of Bauchi, Mandara, Mambila, Jukun, Vere and surrounding tribes wariors "from those times", keeping their arms and armour, I would be happy, really very happy to see them.


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