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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
Yes Jean, it sure does. I wonder why?

I've got a lot of marine ivory, not just hilts, but also carvings from netsuke size to ones as big as a very large whales tooth, I've also got some scrimshaw, and an unknown number of whales teeth that are still natural. I've not seen that layering effect on anything that I have. I wonder what causes it?

Yes Alan it is very unusual, and the only one in my collection (some of my hilts show few layers on the sides). It most probably originates from Sulawesi (I bought it from a Bugis gentleman in East Kamimantan) but I don't know for sure from which tooth it is made. It does not seem to be made from elephant ivory (no cracks, etc.), nor from dugong (the tooth is too small), probably not from hippo (no visible interstitial line, etc.), and probably not from walrus (not common and no typical marble appearance). So which alternative remains? Sperm whale tooth but the aspect is not typical of it. Other opinions are welcome, I add the pic of the other side for reference.
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