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Oh Noooo! Don't say those words, Rick!!! 'Shaver Cool!'

I believe the blade is legit: a Dutch East India Co. sword with proper marking and the talismanic numerals. if it were over in the Indies, its possible that the...ahem...later hilt was put on it for the tourists. The hilt does appear to have some aging to it. If it came from Malay or Shri Lanka, it would undoubtedly have some sort of dragon/naga type hilt as this.

Can we get a shot of the capstan/screw on the top pommel and in the dragon's mouth? Perhaps not tourist, but more of a refit??? The side mounted screw from the knuckle bow is remeniscent of the Dutch naval and marinesabal swords ca. 1800.

The numbers might also indicate an important date in the Dutch history. Haven't had time to research it. It could also be talismanic.

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