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Originally Posted by Pukka Bundook

Happy New Year!

I wonder about the hook. Should it not be integral with the barrel ?
This hook appears attached to the stock and not part of the barrel. Can this be correct? I though our dear Matchlock taught us otherwise...

Happy new year to you too, Richard !
I wonder if we should widen such perspective, as here and there we see signs of hooks being attached to stocks; notwithstanding that in my humble opinion there are details in the example posted by Alexander that appear not consistent with a genuine setup ... i don't know .
I am uploading the picture of a replica of a specimen dated 1425 kept in the Plzeň Museum. We see that the hook embraces both stock and barrel and, despite the picture is not that of the original, i see no need in the context for the replicator to give the hook a fake position; but we never know.

Originally Posted by Marcus den toom
...Hi Nando,
It could be both true, as this illustration depicts. A Similar weird hook can be found with this gun ...

Well Marcus, some times these things are product of artists imagination, just like the ridiculous hook Michael pointed out in the thread you linked.
On the other hand, i can show you two other versions of the Schopettieri you have posted; one with the hook and the other without it, but all three with a different attire, so at the taste of the authors. In any case it seems that, if the hook was required in such case, it would be to prevent the recoil against that 'suspicious' holding device ... but maybe too thin to be true ?

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