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Originally Posted by kai
This is not wootz but I bet an etch will prove this to be several rows of twist core
Hi Kai


this knife it's not an item of "Cour" either for parade or display,
not luxurious at all
it looks much more a weapon for honest warrior, no more

how spent time (and money) by etching ...
even the thickness of the blade (at back) ?? by engravings at the size of a hair

the pictures have been took with a "macro numeric function"
this increases wrongly the size of blade
the real dimensions are
46 cm overall
blade 29,50 cm only
without heel 8cm and 4,50cm for the tip
the blade is from 4,50cm to 3,50cm wide
and, from 0,50 cm to 0,30 cm thickness
your etches less than a 1/10mm

no offence, but your interesting suggestion seems a bit random, no?

with my best regards


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