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Hi Rick,

Believe me, I disassembled all my flasks and guns!!!

How else could I have known what to expect to find in yours?

Apart from the diverging engravings on Northern, Swiss and French staghorn flasks, most of the motifs on South German (Bavarian/Nuremberg) flasks are based on period artwork engravings by Renaissance masters as Virgil Solis and Jost Amman. They usually depicture a man and/or a woman in 1550's-60's costume, framed by Nuremberg foliate work or just decorated with that Nuremberg foliage without any figures.

In South Germany, dated examples are known from 1531/2 to 1572, so I would say that that form became obsolete in Germany by the 1580's. Swiss and French flasks, as well as Hungarian ones, are completely differrent and may habe been made as late as the 17th and 18th c. (the latter). Not to gorget forget all those 19th c. remakes and modern forgeries!

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