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Originally Posted by asomotif
Nice shield. perfect condition and very nice back side.

Barbier Mueller / Shields, calls them : many-eyed supernatural beings.

Christian Feest / The art of war, calls them : smiling anthropomorphic figures

Arjan / Mandaukudi is selling a DVD/Cd (or whatever these shiny discs are called ) with some Dajak shield info.
Although I believe that article is in dutch there might be some additional info in that article.

Ps. I don't think this is an Utap, rather a klebit bok, for what a name is worth

The shield is a klebit (shield)bok ( hair) so "hair shield", it isn't an Utap, The Utap is a smaller shield what was in use long time ago by the sea dayak.

The spirits are supernatural beings, in my opinion they are many eyed because they should protect the warrior. The many eyes could represent the protective power by visualizing the awareness of the figure through the eyes.
( the more eyes the more protection)

A almost similar example is on page 210 of Hein's work "Malerei und techinische kunste bei den dayak" an article what also on "my" last cd indeed.
The text is in german.
descripted as Schild der Kenyas im Sultanaat Kutai Sud Ost Borneo
( S.W.Tromp) Note that even the nose ( on the face on the frontside) seems to be the same style.
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