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Default German flintlock rifles , plus other reference "classics"

Recently picked up an excellent German publication on Jäger rifles and can recommend it most highly:

Erhard Wolf, Steinschloss-Jägerbüchsen: Kunstwerke der Büchsenmacher aus dem 18. Jahrhundert (flintlock hunting rifles: masterpieces of the gunmaker in the 18th cent.), DWJ Publishing 2006. Massive slipcased volume with companion spiralbound English translation volume.

Not only are exceptional specimens of these fine sporting weapons presented, but the chapters covering the gunsmith's craft (including lock-making, and forging of damascus barrels) are invaluable, along with documentation of the business of gunmaking in 18th cent. Germany, and the rules for various types of shooting competitions along with illustrations of targets and actual matches.

The author is indebted to two previous writers on flintlock arms , which I also recommend that you obtain:

Hayward, John F., The Art of the Gunmaker, various volumes, 1968-69

Lenk, Torsten, The Flintlock: Its Origin and Development, English version ed by John F. Hayward, 1965 (translated from Swedish original of 1939). Profusely photo-illustrated, scholarly text by a Director of the Royal Swedish Armory.

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