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Hi Charles,

I think the hilt is perfect for a sword intended for actual use in combat. The rattan strips are placed precisely for a good purchase with the hand (while still having a little silver on the hilt for show), and the small rounded pommel will not snag on anything. I've seen just this style before on battle kris, and it would not surprise if this sword was owned by a panglima or similar high ranking warrior, perhaps a member of the nobility. You have a swordsman's sword. The plain scabbard is consistent with it being used simply to transport the sword and perhaps be used in the off hand to parry blows from an opponent--again this points to this beautiful sword being a "user" rather than for display at gatherings or around the village. This appears to be a Maguindanao kris, with a hilt and scabbard from the late 19th/early 20th C.

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