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Extremely interesting piece, and reflecting some European influence in the alternating quillon terminal discs and perhaps some crenellation or scallop in the vestigially raised crossguard. The stacked type pommel corresponds to certain Tuareg pommel examples but cant recall specifics.

Most interesting is what indeed appears to be an amuletic enclosure, a rare feature as far as I am aware on weapons in general of these North African regions. It is typical for individuals to wear small containers with script on folded or rolled paper with devotional and talismanic invocations, usually around neck if I understand correctly. Weapons will often have of course various markings and motif imbuing talismanic and protective powers in the weapon and for the warrior, and this appears variant.

Need to look for corresponding style, the markings seem characteristic with Saharan weapons, and the use of copper and brass is talismanic in and of itself.
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