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Originally Posted by PenangsangII
Mr ParongSari,

From which part you come from Parong Sari? Perak is not that small in Malysian context the last time I was there

There's no doubt that even in Indonesia those days (during Singhasari & Majapahit eras to be exact) that keris was indeed used as a weapon. Otherwise, the story of Mpu Gandring, Ken Arok & Tunggul Ametung is well....just a myth

And even your nick name, "Parong Sari" suggests that it's a dapor of keris from Tanah Jawa. Or maybe you are referring to the other keris used by Hang Tuah in the duel with Hang Jebat. Please take note that even that particular parong sari was made in Majapahit, though not as powerful as taming sari that also happened to be made in Majapahit.

You also might be surprised that the pride of fighting Malay Keris - the pandai saras was actually originated from Tanah Jawa.

Anyway, I am glad that you took the trouble to post in this forum - the more, the merrier.


p/s: ParongSari, what style of silat that you teach, if you dont mind letting us know. TQ.

No doubt both parong sari and tameng sari was made in Majapahit, but the fact that they both fell in the hands of hang tuah is because the art of fighting using a keris.. the tameng sari was killed by his own keris.. (that's what happen when you try to thrust someone's belly button without knowing the art of using a keris). the legend continues since then the people of indonesian lost their confidence in using keris as a weapon and preferred other weapons as an alternative..

i'm not saying that javanese or any other indonesian kerises are not good, but most of them aren't made for fighting.. and don't judge a keris by it's composition of steel or the pamor and say that its not fit enough to be a keris because malaysian keris were forged to kill.. just a matter of using them or not.. i'm not offended because i have any interest in this keris but because it's a malay keris and by my observation, this keris is the right type for a duel and should earn some respect even it is not as fancy as javanese keris which is for display..

Has anyone of you forumers use your beloved keris for fighting practices or something?? don't see any hands up which i guess they are only for viewing pleasure only..

p/s: dosen't really matter how i spell parong or parung, tameng or taming, it's the pronunciation that counts my friend..
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