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A. G. Maisey
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David, please be kind to Porong Sari.

Are we harsh with children when they display their lack of knowledge?

No, of course not, we encourage them to learn. Encouragement is the father of knowledge.

However, by the same token, children often have much to teach us, because they see the world in a different way to the way in which we see it.

A child's perspective is much more limited, and from a lower position, thus he sees things in a different way, and can perhaps understand more of what can be seen from that lower perspective than we are able to understand.

We are all here to learn.

I, for one, welcome Porong Sari's refreshingly naive approach to the keris, and look forward to learning much from his future contributions to our discussions.

Whilst we learn from his immense knowledge of the world which he can see, he may be prepared to learn a little of the world to which we have access.
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