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hmmm....charming you say Alan? I've got another word for it.
Well, first of all parong sari, i would strongly suggest you spend just a little more time "going through this forum". If you really had you might have discovered that we have quite a few members who not only specialize in Malaysian keris, but actually live there. You might also spend a little more time studying Indonesian keris as i think you have a few misconceptions about them as well. Keris that were made with talismanic purpose in mind were certainly not meant for display only. In fact, these keris weren't made to be shown about at all. They are a private matter. And many Indo keris were indeed made for fighting. If you have any doubts about that i have a few Jawa and Bali keris that i could "thrust into your belly button" as well if that's what it takes to prove a point.
I too am curious about the actual point of your post. I asked you some direct questions earlier in this thread after welcoming you to this forum which you have yet seen fit to answer. Do you have some personal stake in this keris?
Obviously there was much that your silat teachers failed to teach you, not just about keris but also about respect. And if the only purpose that you can see for the keris is as a means to do physical harm to another being then i think you missed some major points in your lesson plan on the art of keris.
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