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Gustav, according to what I was taught features from different styles should not be mixed:- you should not make a blade that purports to be Surakarta but contains features from Mataram, or some other classification.

It is OK to make a Mataram style blade during the Surakarta era, but not a blade that has , say, a blumbangan and ada-ada that indicates Surakarta, and a greneng that indicates Mataram. This is an absolute NO-NO.

When a blade is made in this fashion, with a mix of features it can indicate several possibilities, perhaps it is a personal choice of the person who ordered the keris, perhaps the maker made the blade as a speculative piece of work and he wished to create something different, perhaps the gonjo has been replaced by somebody who knows no better. In any case, the elevated point of view is that if there is a mix of features for any reason whatsoever, it disqualifies the blade from serious acceptance.

I know of no genuine cultural nor societal reason for mixing characteristics from differing styles of blade.
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