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Very nice sword! Not an expert, just wanted to say that it's a real beaut. I would agree with the timeline based on the pattern, specifically the slot hilt feature. Clipped point swords were uncommon for the period. Can't seem to find any Wyatt in any of my references. Odd, because if it were a Brit manufacture, seems like it would be recognized. I guess what remains to be determined is just who this Wyatte was. Is it the maker? Retailor? Soldier or family name that carried the piece, etc. It could be American, but the fine lines and excellent manufacture makes me think Brit. Am Rev pieces were usually more primitive, 'clunky', and/or awkward, as they were either blacksmith-made or put-togethers from shipped blades. Also, the A with 57 mark. Regimental? Certainly not a rack number (not naval) or 'part number' (pre-Industrial). Have you done any seaches or research on British regiments with A/57, ca.1770-90? Just thinking out loud-

Oh, I see you've already posted the sword on Sword Forum. I concur with what they're all saying over there. Glenn is extremely knowledgible on swords of that period. You've got a great item there!
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