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Originally Posted by cornelistromp
Hi Michael,

yes, I can give you some more examples, but you talked about 33% of the collection, this very high 33% cannot been proven!

Tobias Capwell has revised most of the collection descriptions and published this in 2012 (digital memory stick) together the previous two descriptions, so you can see the difference insight over the last 100 years.
Do you have this publication? it is a beautiful piece of work with a loads of high resolution photo material, you can see the smallest details spots and cracks from all angles, it is an amazing reference work.
I highly recommend anyone to purchase this work.


Hi Jasper,

I do have their latest publication. I was hoping you might have noticed that some images I posted here were taken from it, and I was one of the very first people worldwide to receive them, way before the publication was out. The book is not of the least use to me, with almost no firearms in it, the USB stick helped clarify just some very few things.

And: no! Single images are of a maximum resolution of about 2 MB which is definitely not enough to discern every single detail! In order to enable a third party to judge the real quality of their pieces they ought to have completely dismantled the lock mechanisms and shown their respective parts from various angles (!). After all, all it would mean is take out some screws.

And: yes, I have just proven that I do know a whole lot more on their pieces than they seem to.

I am both too old and sick to travel to London another time but I am open to any discussion on the grounds of the images published.

If you will kindly remember, I was the first to recommend their latest publication on the forum in a thread of its own; I would definitely do that no longer. The price they charge is way too high for the average user who is just interested in a few special details. People who are especially fond of armor and edged weapons may be much luckier with it though.

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