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Michael, thanks again, excellent information, very rare stuff, never have seen it before.

Our Graybeard member "Steelcharge" who found this stuff has one request I am conveying from the other forum:

I'm not registered on the VS forum, so could you ask if the poster of those pictures could post the link to the lower "quilted grapeshot" in the reply number 16 (or no. xx?)

The info on that same post was for a 12pdr canister and the grapeshot is clearly smaller, probably for 1pdr. The grapeshot above it is also a really small one, for about 1.2" (quarter pounder?) gun, museum info says it's for "muskedunder" which would be a musket-type swivel gun.

Edit: If you are interested in saving some of those pictures on the Museum site, you can download quite high resolution pictures by clicking "Ladda ner bild" under the image.
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