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A. G. Maisey
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Anthony, I think we would need very much better photos before we could attempt a detailed appraisal of this keris.

I can tell you this:- the blade is definitely not a Surakarta blade, based upon what I believe I can see from the photos you have posted, I would be inclined towards a Koripan classification; Koripan is a blacksmiths village in Central Jawa, that from around the end of the 18th century produced keris that were modeled in a sort of a way after Mataram Sultan Agung blades, but were very much more crude.

It is an old blade, it is not a particularly good blade, and in my opinion it would be impossible to attribute it to any recognised maker. It is certainly collectable, but do not try to attribute it to any great Empu of past times.

However, bear this in mind:- all of this is opinion, others could have a different opinion and some people can be very convincing.

If you can provide much better photographs I, and others, may be able to comment further.
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