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Originally Posted by Norman McCormick
Slightly off topic but relevant I think. I, at one point in time, used a particular widely available alkali solution mixed with wallpaper paste to strip paint from wood. Taking all the necessary precautions still did not prevent a very small amount getting on my wrist, the first I knew of the problem was a slight irritation and itching sensation on my skin. Upon investigating I was horrified to see that the chemical mix had literally dissolved my flesh leaving a 1/2 inch diameter hole right down to the bone. I had used this method of paint stripping successfully on a large number of occasions before but ,understandably, not since! I think that members who are a bit reticent about discussing the use of dangerous chemicals have a very valid concern about the safety of fellow members and also those who browse the Forum without joining. Perhaps on this occasion P.M.'s would be more appropriate for those who wish to pursue experimentation with a more toxic and corrosive range of chemicals.
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Wow Norman!
Too high a concentrate of caustic soda!
I can sympathise, I've burned myself several times with it, although not on the same scale at all!!
I'm horrified that it burned you so badly, you must have been totally wrapped in the job to not realise until it was too late?
Hope it healed ok?

Has anyone tried jellified carriers for etching solutions?
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