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Originally Posted by Rick
Really though, we don't own these pieces of history; we are the temporary custodians who have a responsibility preserve these weapons for future generations .

Yes Rick, I fully agree with you.

On the other hand Josh and Atlantia do have a point.
Originally Posted by josh stout
I would love to see a thread just on etching. I know the topic is often discussed and most people know the basics, but many questions remain.

Shouldn't we better answer the remaining questions? That would be at least an attempt to avoid seriously damage to historical pieces.
Better tell the dangers about toxicity and the risk of destroying a marvelous piece when you use the etching materials wrong.

As Atlantia said, better explain clearly how to etch with vinegar. Describe the process.

I know from experience that there are a lot of knitwits who think they just can do those things in an attempt to make their merchandise more valuable. For example those who use a grinder to clean a blade. I wouldn't like to feed those who think they can etch.
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