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Care must be taken for sure. Only the mildest of etching is really 'safe'. However, I don't think we need worry that this is likely to lead to wholesale destruction of good pieces. Who would be daft enough to practice on antiques first?
There's a million old tools and 50+ year old rusty carving knives at every car boot sale to destroy perfecting your art. Besides, there's no need to jump in at the deep end when good results can be obtained (to begin with) with nothing more dangerous than cooking ingredients.

We are here to share information and knowledge aren't we?
I'm happy to share any tricks and tips I've picked up over the years, if there is a concern about lurkers, then I suggest (respectfully) that a section of the board is designated 'members only'.

Obviously there is a commercial element to sharing 'valuable' restoration information, but that applies to sharing the knowledge of research and identification too. I can understand not wanting to share it with casual passers-by/lurkers who don't at least try and contribute to this community. But registered members can ask if they are unsure and obviously all weapon ownership is at the owners risk be it sharpening, handling, restoring or whatever.
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