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Great info and now we may have answered the riddle of purpose and meaning to this type of blade.

Jose, Thank you very much for your kind words about what has been posted here on these brass/copper bladed pieces, but Lorenz deserves more of the credit for this than I. He has always freely shared with me any and all information that he has been able to uncover over the years on these pieces. The meaning of the symbolisim used and purposes that they were believed to have been created for. I believe that this is only a starting point in trying to understand these and their place in Philippine culture and beliefs.

Ian, I noticed something unusual in the photo you posted of the Santan flowers. In the bottom right hand corner (cropped photo below) you can plainly see that one of the blooms has five petals instead of four as seen on all of the others. This makes me wonder if this might have any sugnificence and like a four leaf clover be concidered extra lucky?

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