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I understand what you say about photos Marcokeris. I lack the experience to tell handles/ukirans age, It shows smoothness in areas of possible hand contact, whether this is thru handling or artificial, I can't say. Who does the figure represent? I had thoughts of a Balinese dancer or hindu deity?
Hello Henk! Your thoughts and comments are always very appreciated
I have used 0000 steel wool and mineral oil in preparation for a traditional style etch that the previous owner is providing ingredients and instructions for. I am interested in seeing the results, if all goes well.
Thanks for your interest and suggestions Ganjawulung
I'm glad that you mentioned the blade was of good workmanship, I had thought it wellmade but lack any comparisons. Where older keris all crafted by Empu or did a graded system of keris bladesmiths exist? There is a box of keris bits and pieces that includes a few metal lower scabbard/gandars that I may acquire, as well two books "The Kris mystic weapon of the Malay world" and "Kris Gli Invicibili"
The keris seems to be a subject of much depth.

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