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A very interesting piece and quite worthy of research and discussion. While I have nothing concrete to add let me throw out some observations to add to the theoretical pot. The first thing I noticed was the interesting "cant" of the handle. When you look strictly at the outline of the handle from the gem'ed ring upwards, it reminds me of the overall shape of a keris handle. The gem'ed ring has a certain keris mendak(sp?) flavor as well. The second thing I noticed was the interlocked figures in the central panel. Reminds me, along with a few of the other decorative themes, to carved ivory handles on dha daggers and swords. I have seen that very theme, which may be a common religious theme and not peculiar to SE Asia, on those nicely carved ivory handles. Thailand is a region quite familiar with keris and dha and toss in some Western influences in the quillons and the blade and you have yourself a possible candidate. Just can't get the Ceylonese connection.
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