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Default #1603 Sultan Barong

Spunjer and his fabulous flock of barongs has motivated me to dig into our barongs. This morning is my best barong. Old ivory and a gold ferrule.

It is my understanding that the Muslim men are to eschew gold, that it makes men weak. The ferrule of this barong is gold.

One of my "experts" told me that this much gold is likely belonged to an important ruler who felt he was beyond the Sharia Law.

I have not researched this at all, but i use it to call this blade "Sultan Barong". I open the floor to opinions, both to the artifact and possibly the idea of Muslim men and wearing gold.

Women can wear gold and silk. but not the men. Possibly this Barong could have been made for a woman, but seems unlikely to me. I have had it for years and has never shown any tarnish.

Overall length 23 inches - 58cm
Blade length 15 inches - 38 cm
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